cold chain logistics

Produce Processing 7: Q+A with Dan Vaché

Dan Vache was born and raised in West Richland, Washington, and graduated from Eastern Washington University with a degree in education. As vice pres... continue reading »

LINKFRESH announces software updates

LINKFRESH recently announced new software enhancements, including catch weight, case management, the incorporation of a global trade item number (GTIN... continue reading »

Key Technology provides new sorting solutions for potato processors

Sorting machinery hasn’t always been tailored to the specific needs of potato processors. Now, due in part to customer requests, Key Technology has ... continue reading »

Traceability Trends: DNA barcodes and a risk-based model

Tracking and traceability issues have always been important considerations in the produce industry, but because of food safety and inventory control c... continue reading »

Seismic shifts

Our tour group gathered on the grounds of the San Juan Batista Mission in northern California. We had just finished three days of absorbing informatio... continue reading »

Greenhouses inside shipping containers supply stores and restaurants

There’s a pair of shipping containers sitting in a Minneapolis parking lot, but the contents inside aren’t getting ready to travel the country; in... continue reading »

Changes in consumer demand, buying patterns present challenges

Growers, distributors, wholesalers, and retailers know that when it comes to demand for fresh produce, consumer behavior has been changing. They wa... continue reading »

Paying attention to the process helps Michigan pickle processor thrive

Achieving success as an agribusiness is a value-added proposition for Bob McClure’s family. The relatively small, family owned company, McClure... continue reading »

Pouches are becoming a dominant style of food packaging for produce companies

Walk through any produce section today and you’re sure to see an onslaught of different fresh produce products being offered in pouches. It’s a tr... continue reading »

Optimized sanitation methods for produce processing

In recent decades, the market for fresh produce – and, in particular, minimally processed, ready-to-eat products like fresh-cut lettuce – has grow... continue reading »