Center for Produce Safety

Fox Packaging celebrates 60 years

Over the past 6o years, Fox Packaging has remained family owned and operated, now servicing produce customers across North and South America through i... continue reading »

We do more together than we ever could apart

If you’ve been involved with the Center for Produce Safety, you know that our personality is to be humble. After all, our mission to enhance fres... continue reading »

Joe Pezzini named Center for Produce Safety’s Board of Directors chair

Joe Pezzini, senior director of agricultural operations for Taylor Farms, was elected Center for Produce Safety Board of Directors chair at the CPS bo... continue reading »

Connecting with produce-focused food safety talent

Where do you get your fresh produce food safety talent, and what should you look for in a scientist? [caption id="attachment_14219" align="alignrig... continue reading »

Column: Putting food safety research to work

Imagine reading this headline in our trade press: “Fresh produce foodborne illnesses fall 80%.” Better yet: “15 trillion servings of fresh produ... continue reading »

New projects eye blue light, bubbles and smartphone-based infrared in produce safety

Antimicrobial blue light, ultra-fine bubbles and smartphone-based infrared cameras may seem unrelated, but each technology is part of a Center for Pro... continue reading »

Fecal contamination detection system being studied

Mohit Verma, Ph.D., with Purdue University, is leading efforts to develop a low-cost portable paper-based tool that can produce results of potential m... continue reading »

AI used to speed up detection of cyclospora in CPS project

Scott Lenaghan, Ph.D., with the University of Tennessee, is enlisting artificial intelligence and machine learning to speed detection of Cyclospora ca... continue reading »

Fresh produce safety benefits from diverse expertise

What does having a successful brand mean? For us at Bonduelle, it means our consumers can be confident in enjoying our products. Food safety is key to... continue reading »

Informing on the FSMA water quality rule

While we’re waiting for the dust to settle around newly proposed changes to the Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA) agricultural water requirements... continue reading »