July 20, 2020

Yewon becomes member of Cold Pressure Council

The Cold Pressure Council (CPC) has announced the addition of Yewon Co. Ltd., a South Korean-based company with business offices in California, as a new general member.

The first company from South Korea to join the Cold Pressure Council, Yewon Co., Ltd. served as the inspiration behind CPC’s newest HPC guidelines for Wet Salads and also plans to immediately begin use of the High Pressure Certified (HPC) mark for one of its seafood products. Seaweed snack foods are a product just coming to the United States and have existing distribution in the UK and Australia.

“The use of the HPC mark provides important recognition for our products in the marketplace,” said Jay Jang, vice president, business development, Yewon. “We look forward to helping increase the recognition of HPP globally, as well as our continued involvement as a member company of the Cold Pressure Council.”

Check out our Cold Pressure Council and HPC websites for more HPP information and resources.


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