July 7, 2016

Winsmith debuts Stainless Steel Conveyor Drives

New Stainless Steel Conveyor Drives are now available from Winsmith. Recently developed and now proven in the field, Winsmith’s new Conveyor Drives are certified under IP66 and IP69K criteria (IP66 for lower pressure and IP69K for high pressure food processing). The Conveyor Drives can be used in various industry applications including fruit, vegetable, and meat processing.

Stainless Conveyor Drive. Photo: Winsmith
Stainless Conveyor Drive. Photo: Winsmith

The products are available in 15,000 configurations and can be delivered within 24 hours. Their single-piece design and sealed housing makes them waterproof, facilitating continuous operation and safe wash-down, Winsmith said.

According to the company, key features include:

  • Up to 96 percent efficient gearing design reduces total cost of operations.
  • Sealed operation with optional vent for extended seal life.
  • Available in five case sizes (1.75”, 2.00”, 2.38”, 2.63”, 3.00”), the products are completely interchangeable with other designs. Optional bronze input and output bushings permit easy shaft and motor removal, and eliminate fretting corrosion.
  • 24 Hour Ship Program enables lower inventory levels and helps to reduce downtime.

For additional information, visit the Winsmith website

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