February 17, 2022

Vanmark, Grote team up to produce pickle processing line

Vanmark, an industrial potato and produce processing equipment manufacturer, announced a collaboration with Grote Company, a manufacturer of food slicing and assembly equipment, that resulted in a solution for the pickle industry, projected to be a $10.6 billion industry by 2025.

Vanmark and Grote collaborated to design, manufacture and automate a turnkey pickle processing line, marking the first time the three sites have worked together to develop a solution tailored to meet a customer’s specific needs. Vanmark Creston contributed receiving and washing equipment, Vanmark Boise brought its Lamina Hydrocutting System and Grote tied it all together by programming the control system to automate the solution.

The new system automatically loads totes of cucumbers, thoroughly washes them, then precisely cuts them into spears before gently transferring them for jarring and pickling. The solution is designed with stainless steel components and minimal moving parts to ensure sanitation and reduced maintenance. It eliminated three manual processes, more than doubling capacity.

“When you look at trying to expand your market penetration in the food processing industry, you begin to examine parallel industries,” said Bob Grote, chief executive officer, Grote. “A new parallel industry that popped up related to our french fry business has been pickle processing. We’ve now approached that marketplace with a complete hydrocutting solution developed specifically for its needs.”

Grote Company acquired Vanmark in 2007, as well as GME, which merged with Vanmark in 2012. The collaboration is the first of many to come, Grote said.

“This project marks a culmination and a validation of our vision to provide more complete solutions for our customers,” Grote said. “One of the most exciting elements of this is how it sets us up to tackle projects holistically so we can come to customers with turnkey solutions to fit their needs.”

About Vanmark

Vanmark manufactures industrial potato and produce processing equipment that optimizes in-process storage, washing, peeling and cutting processes. Learn more at vanmark.com.

About Grote Company

Grote Company manufactures reliable, top-quality food slicing and assembly equipment. Our trusted equipment is expertly designed and built strong for pizza, sandwich and food slicing processors. Visit Grote Company online at www.grotecompany.com.


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