August 20, 2015

United Fresh releases transportation agreement template

The United Fresh Produce Association announced the release of the Broker/Shipper Transportation Agreement template. Crafted by members of the United Fresh Supply Chain Logistics Council in partnership with the Transportation Intermediaries Association, the template is designed for members’ use when entering into the specific business relationship between shipping companies and third party transportation providers.

“In today’s age, transportation contracts are a necessity,” said James Lee, vice president of legal affairs at Chop Tank Transport. “As produce is an exempt commodity, and produce transportation is unregulated per se, the importance of United Fresh Produce Association and TIA coming together to create a fair and ethical model contract to be used by both shippers and logistics providers cannot be stressed enough. I am proud to be even a small part of the membership from both organizations who contributed their time, energy, and expertise in order to make this happen.”

The Broker/Shipper Transportation Agreement template is a free resource for United Fresh members and can be downloaded online.