September 23, 2019

Toshiba’s new high-res barcode printers to debut at PACK EXPO

Toshiba America Business Solutions is showcasing two new products at PACK EXPO 2019, Sept. 23-25, booth Upper South Hall 7677, at the Las Vegas Convention Center. The company’s best-in-class pair of thermal barcode printers blend compact and durable designs with precision-accurate labeling. Toshiba also spotlights the SprinterTM automated shipping system, a product collaboration with Panther Industries and StreamTech.

Toshiba’s just-introduced BA400 thermal bar code printer combines the latest in connectivity — USB, Bluetooth, Ethernet and Near-Field Communication — with the necessary throughput (up to 8 inches per second) to fulfill virtually any manufacturing, distribution, retail and healthcare labeling requirements.

Featuring a sturdy, compact design with top-loading for fast media and ribbon swaps, the BA400 integrates easily within most office and warehouse settings. Parts lifecycle alerts and simple printhead and platen replacement further ease product usage.

Toshiba’s newly minted B-EX4T3HS thermal bar code printer creates clear, acutely scannable, high-resolution labels — up to 600 dots per inch. Toshiba’s B-EX4T3HS handles the complexity of printing smaller labels — width and height as small as 0.51 and 0.12 inches, respectively — with speed (up to 6 inches per second) and extreme precision. The printer’s center alignment eliminates media shifts to ensure the consistently accurate placement of barcode data on labels.

Toshiba representatives will additionally showcase Sprinter, a product collaboration with StreamTech and Panther Industries. Sprinter leverages Toshiba’s best-in-class thermal barcode printer technology, Panther Industries’ Shadow print and apply product, and StreamTech’s conveyor featuring automatic weight and dimensioning capabilities. Sprinter easily integrates within existing supply chain and logistics environments to affordably fulfill e-commerce orders while automating the shipping process.

Toshiba Spotlights Best-in-Class Printing Systems at PACK EXPO 2019 PAGE 3 “Panther Industries’ ShadowTM Printer-Applicator using the Toshiba B-EX4T1 is a great fit for StreamTech’s Sprinter automated dimension, weigh, label and scan order-fulfillment application, which delivers up to 1,500 parcels per hour in an all-in-one, cost-effective manner,” said Bob Miller, StreamTech’s Applications Manager. “Sprinter may also be implemented as overall control platform for small to medium fulfillment conveyor system operations.”

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A one-year return to depot warranty is standard with Toshiba’s B-EX4T3HS, BA400 and all other Toshiba printers.

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