February 9, 2015

TOMRA to debut Sentinel II at CLFP Expo

TOMRA Sorting Food is to unveil its Sentinel II sorter for the tomato and peach processing industry at the CLFP Food Processing Expo.

Sentinel II is a highly efficient, cost-effective, sorting solution that has been engineered with seasonal processors in mind, according to the company. It offers a high degree of flexibility and can be configured to meet different specific requirements along the production line. Sentinel II offers low, medium or high-speed modes depending upon the specific application sort requirements.

“Food processors will appreciate the flexibility and efficiency that TOMRA’s Sentinel II brings to their production lines,” said Jim Frost, TOMRA Sorting Food market unit manager for whole product sorting. “Sentinel II can be tailored to customer requirements and sorting can be refined to such a degree that small mold spots and other discolorations can be removed to produce high quality fruit to be processed.”

“This element of adaptability means Sentinel II is a cost-effective option for processors of all sizes and generates an attractive return on investment,” Frost continued. “In addition, the positioning of the machine in the production line is not restricted; it can be placed in various locations prior to or post peeler meaning customers can operate their production lines in a way that is most efficient for them.”

Sentinel II has been designed with ease-of-use in mind so that operators get the best value from their machine, according to TOMRA. An intelligent user interface allows operators to access data about the type of defects being identified permitting operators to adjust sorting quality quickly if required.

 “The launch of Sentinel II demonstrates our commitment to being at the forefront of developing innovative, cost-effective sorting machines which address the needs of the food industry,” Frost said. “Its development is part of our long-term vision to offer sorting solutions which include multiple capabilities to give our customers complete flexibility.”

Visitors to CLFP Food Processing Expo 2015, which takes place at the Sacramento Convention Centre, California, Feb.18-19, will have the first opportunity to see the Sentinel II at TOMRA Sorting Food’s booth 624.

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