TOMRA ships world’s largest steam peeler

May 9, 2017

TOMRA Sorting Food has built and delivered the world’s highest capacity steam peeler, which will be used by a potato processing company.

The new Eco steam peeler stands more than eight meters (26 feet) tall. The processing capacity of the steam peeler is more than 65,000kg (143,300lbs) of potatoes per hour or a daily rate of 1,560,000kg (3,439,200lbs).

“When you consider this pressure vessel will peel almost 3,000 individual potatoes in less than seven seconds, these results demonstrate the scale of the achievement,” said Eamonn Cullen, market united manager for peeling at TOMRA Sorting Foods.

The new Eco steam peeler is not only the fastest steam peeler; it is also the most efficient in the industry using 28 percent less steam than other peelers of its type, according to TOMRA.

“We were the first to introduce high pressure steam peeling to the vegetable processing industry and we have continued to invent technologies to improve steam peeling performance. This latest steam peeler enables processors to reduce the energy consumed in the process to levels not seen in the industry before,” Cullen said.

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