April 24, 2019

‘Tomorrow’s World Today’ to go behind the scenes at Chiquita bananas

The Science Channel will go behind the scenes at Chiquita for a look at the banana industry. “Tomorrow’s World Today’s” Tamara Krinsky will highlight the logistics of getting bananas from the field to the store when she visits Chiquita facilities in Guatemala.

“The show will focus on what is behind the Chiquita Blue Sticker and will take you on the incredible voyage of a Chiquita banana from the farms in the Tropics to their point of sale in the markets we serve,” said Carlos Lopez Flores, president of Chiquita. “We are all proud of what we do at Chiquita and, above all, how we achieve success and resilience in an increasingly sustainable fashion.”

Chiquita will appear again later in season two, focusing on how it incorporates high technology — such as GPS tracking — into the process of crop dusting, to deliver the right amount of fertilizers and fungicides exactly where is needed, improving efficiency as well as the impact on the environment.

New episodes of “Tomorrow’s World Today” debut on the Science Channel beginning at 8 a.m. Saturday, May 4. Viewers can tune in every Saturday and Sunday morning for five weeks to watch back-to-back new episodes.

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