February 21, 2018

Taylor Farms consolidates distribution centers

Taylor Farms is centralizing re-distribution centers to help establish greater efficiencies and higher inventory turnover, according to the company.

Over the next year, Taylor Farms will be leveraging the rapid expansion of more than 150,000 square feet of refrigerated space in Laredo, Texas. This additional space gives the company the ability to store and refrigerate a more diversified product mix from leading growers and shippers.

“The ability to consolidate Taylor Farms’ products with fresh produce from other suppliers in a centrally located region in the middle of the U.S. creates a unique opportunity to save time and money,” said Luis Amaral, Mexico business manager for Taylor Farms.

This new consolidation program, Taylor Farms said, not only adds convenience and freshness but it also mitigates some of the impacts of the newly implemented electronic logging devices law that is set to be enforced on April 1, 2018.

“The benefit of the consolidation program will reduce time and increase efficiencies by eliminating the need for trucks to conduct multiple pick-ups,” Taylor wrote. “Ultimately, this will maximize the utilization of the carriers legal driving hours by reducing wait times.”

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