January 7, 2019

Tasti-Lee tomatoes adds grab-and-go packaging

Tasti-Lee slicing and salad tomatoes are now offered in a convenient, pre-packaged 1.25-pound bag. The Tasti-Lee brand is now easier to find at shelf and consumers can examine each tomato before making their purchase. The new bags are available for both conventional and organic varieties. Tasti-Lees also feature 50 percent more Lycopene antioxidant power than other tomatoes, according to a release from Flavorful Brands.

Flavorful Brands called the Tasti-Lee “the bestselling field round tomato in America,” and said organic Tasti-Lee tomatoes account for almost one in every three organic tomatoes sold in the U.S. Tasti-Lee is now also available in a grape snacking version, appropriately named Tasti-Wee’s.