July 22, 2020

Sweet baby broccoli, cauliflower introduced by Church Brothers Farms

Church Brothers Farms is cooking up a treat for chefs with the introduction of sweet baby cauliflower and sweet baby broccoli.

Both products are packed using the company’s proprietary system, Stay Fresh, which improves shelf life by minimizing respiration and eliminating dehydration.

The company’s sweet baby cauliflower is a new variety with tender green stems that become brighter when cooked, and sun-kissed golden florets.

Easy to prepare, this on-trend vegetable delivers versatility in the kitchen and pairs well with a broad range of world flavors. From simple grilled or sautéed dishes, to more complex usages such as couscous, sweet baby cauliflower is a fresh twist on a favorite vegetable given its flavor, texture and elegant appearance.

Sweet baby broccoli is a cross of kale with heirloom broccoli. It is sweeter than broccoli and less bitter than kale; which makes the mild flavor and texture appealing for multiple applications.

“Stay Fresh technology ensures our customers receive the highest quality product with the most reliable shelf life in the industry,” said Rick Russo, senior vice president of sales and marketing.  “We are excited to roll out these new products in our state-of-the-line packs to our customers nationwide. Delicious on their own, they’re even better paired together.”

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