August 30, 2018

StePac develops long-distance modified atmosphere packaging

StePac has joined forces with Israel-based company Tadbik to manufacture modified atmosphere resealable lidding film, which is engineered to extend the shelf life of fresh cherries in aesthetic and functional retail packaging as well as reduce waste.

In this collaboration Tadbik created a “FreshLid” laminated film structure that is sealed to trays containing fresh produce and whose upper layer can be repeatedly peeled back for reuse. The companies then worked together to develop suitable condensation control properties and control film permeability to deliver optimal modified atmosphere compositions (MAP) for high value fresh produce items such as cherries.

This packaging will be marketed under the Xgo line, StePac’s leading retail brand.

“Successful implementation of MAP requires a holistic approach that includes an understanding of postharvest pathology, produce physiology, cold-chain logistics, and the interaction of each of these factors with packaging design,” said Gary Ward, technical development manager for StePac.

This packaging design incorporates multiple capabilities to effectively slow respiration and aging processes, to control humidity inside the packaging and extend fresh produce shelf life, the company said. Following research and trials at StePac’s postharvest lab, the film was approved for shelf life extension of cherries.

Xgo resealable lidding film is designed to provide multiple benefits:

  1. It preserves freshness and flavor during long sea shipments, prolonging the combined storage and transportation life of cherries to more than 35 days.
  2. The MAP mechanism is regenerated each time the film is resealed, in order to continue quality preservation.
  3. It is intended to maintain its attractive packaging design throughout multiple uses.