February 20, 2018

Sormac launches updated centrifuge

Sormac has launched a new version of its SC-940 centrifuge, the SC-940NextGen. Sormac said the SC-940NextGen was developed in response to market demand: companies wanted a higher-capacity centrifuge that would also be able to supply drier produce.

“Faster motors enable the machine to run at higher speeds, drying the produce better,” said Roy Lemmen, commercial director at Sormac. “Furthermore, the quicker drum acceleration and deceleration enables shorter and more efficient cycles to be achieved. This allows for a higher processing capacity.”

Credit: Melanie Epp

The SC-940NextGen is suitable for drying all kinds of produce, including leafy vegetables such as cut iceberg lettuce, cabbage and soft lettuces, according to Sormac, which added that the centrifuge is “also perfect for various types of cut vegetables, for instance carrots, onions and leek.”

The centrifuge also features an energy recovery system as standard, which means the energy released while decelerating the drum is fed back into the grid. This has been made possible by using an efficient motor and a special frequency inverter. Lemmen said the new design has made the SC-940NextGen easier to maintain and clean than its predecessor. The centrifuge features a hinged front, rear and side doors.