Sormac introduces new MS-30 knife peeler

September 18, 2017

Sormac has introduced the MS-30 knife peeler. The MS-30 knife peeler from Sormac has a 3-metre long drum, which enables the MS-30 to be used in production lines with a higher processing capacity. Depending on the product, quality and required waste percentage, the MS-30 has a processing capacity of up to 7,000 kg/hour.

Similar to the existing Sormac range of knife peelers, the MS-10, MS-20 and MS-20/Combi, the MS-30 can be used to peel root vegetables like potatoes, beet root or celeriac for the fresh market as well as peeling steamed pre-peeled products. The capacity of the existing Sormac knife peelers varies between 300 and 4500 kg/hour, depending on the product, quality and required waste percentage.

The new design of the knife peelers is characterized by a minimum of all loose parts. The new design features doors that are fixed to the machine and can be opened horizontally. The knife peelers have been designed to eliminate dead angles, making the machines easy and efficient to clean, according to Sormac.

In addition, the patented “floating” three-point suspension ensures calm and stable rotation of the drum. The special shape of the drum and knife configuration create an attractive end result and optimal peeling yields. The peeling drum is manufactured from certified food grade stainless steel and plastic and complies with the latest European certification guidelines.

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