September 9, 2019

SOMIC America to debut smaller end-of-the-line packing system at PACK EXPO

SOMIC America (booth US-7346) plans to extend its market reach when the new ReadyPack end-of-line packaging machine makes its North American introduction at PACK EXPO, Sept. 23-25 at the Las Vegas Convention Center.

The SOMIC ReadyPack represents the third new machine SOMIC has featured in as many years at PACK EXPO. A smaller format version of the standard and popular 424 T2(D) that was showcased the last time the show was held in Las Vegas two years ago, ReadyPack is a customized solution for shelf-ready packages that offers a reduced footprint, excellent automation and greater affordability.

“This is a simpler application than the 424 T2 (D) and the SOMIC FLEXX III that debuted last year at PACK EXPO. But it was designed this way with a purpose,” said Peter Fox, senior vice president of sales, SOMIC America.

“ReadyPack is a solid, entry-level case packing system with unique benefits and plenty of flexibility. While our last two machines have proven to be popular with our customers, we learned there is room in the marketplace for a machine like ReadyPack. It collates, cartons and closes like the others, and it is equipped with Rockwell Automation controls.

It does operate at a slower pace and we have reduced lead times, two things that potential customers had expressed interest in.”

Ideal for retail, food and beverage and consumer goods manufacturers, ReadyPack collates, groups and packages products in trays and a variety of open, wraparound, display and folding cases. Pre-packed products such as standup pouches, flow packs and glass jars are fed separately and grouped as case contents before the grouping is two-positioned onto the flat case blank. It is then folded around the entire grouping and secured with hot glue. As a wraparound model, the cover is folded and closed.

Depending on the product, ReadyPack has a collating capacity of 160 products per minute. As a tray packer, it will case up to 18 packaging units per minute; the
wraparound model delivers 12 units per minute. At PACK EXPO, it will be demonstrated as a wraparound running pre-packaged pretzel flow packs in a standing upright position.