November 24, 2020

SOMIC America debuts new 424 packaging machinery during PACK EXPO

SOMIC America was set to unveil its new 424 series packaging machine in person at PACK EXPO, but had to settle for a virtual demonstration after the in-person part of the show was canceled.

The seven-minute video delivered an up-close perspective on how the SOMIC 424 series serves as a starting point for all of the company’s customized, high-performance packaging solutions. Most are configured to run stand-up pouches, flow packs and other flexible material packages. This compact machine, to be installed next month at Hartz Mountain Corporation’s manufacturing facility near Cincinnati, is configured with Rockwell automation controls to handle a variety of blow-molded bottles.

“I’m very impressed with this machine because it demonstrates the flexibility we have to create a unique secondary case packing system for any type of package,” said Peter Fox, SOMIC’s director of sales. “As we show in the video, this machine enables end users to package a variety of products in standard wraparound cases and two-piece display trays with covers. Designing a 2 machine that packages pre-bundled rigid bottles with flip-top closures, finger pumps and trigger sprays represents a new element for us in North America, one that we are truly excited about.”


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