October 5, 2016

SIMBA barcode system helps potato growers, shippers

Dynamic Systems has launched a barcode-based system for potato processors.

The SIMBA Potato System provides up-to-the-minute accurate inventory, both unprocessed bins and product that is packed and ready to be picked for shipment. The software prints both case and pallet labels either in batch mode or on demand. SIMBA delivers traceability information and its logistics module records shipping and prints bills of lading and manifests.sima_potato_touchscreen

The SIMBA System uses touchscreen technology to record product details and to print product labels from the field or on the pack line, capturing product data such as “Russet, 5lb, Poly Bag”. The touch screen is located on the plant floor and is very easy to use, requiring minimal training, according to Dynamic Systems. The system can be connected to digital scales or printer/applicators, which save time and increase productivity in packing.

This label information is stored in the SIMBA Office inventory, which provides data for inventory management, traceability and shipping as well as allowing for queries and printing reports.

At the time of shipping, the Van Loading feature of SIMBA tracks each carton or pallet onto a specific van. A Bill of Lading is then produced automatically.

Key results from implementing the SIMBA Traceability & Labeling Software include real-time production reporting, fulfillment of traceability requirements, more accurate inventory, professional looking carton and pallet labels, and verified shipping, according to Dynamic Systems. The SIMBA Potato System is simple to use and will improve productivity, reduce errors and provide faster processing said Bill Allen, process improvement consultant.

See more traceability and labeling software for produce at http://dynamic-systemsinc.com/software/produce.