January 22, 2020

Side Delights launching ‘Journey of a Potato’ educational video campaign

Side Delights is launching a new video campaign designed to educate consumers and potato buyers on the growing process of potatoes.

The video — “Journey of a Potato” — will launch at Southern Exposure 2020: Produce on Parade in Tampa, Florida, Feb. 27-29.

Under the “Grown Where it Matters” campaign, the video is meant to serve as an educational piece for both consumers as well as potato buyers/merchandisers. The video follows potatoes’ lifecycle from seed to store and provides info on topics consumers might not think to ask, such as:

  • “When is potato harvest season?”
  • “Do potato plants have flowers?”
  • “Why are there holes in potato bags?”

The “Journey of a Potato” video will make its debut among produce experts who gather each year to attend educational sessions, network, and learn about the latest produce trends and topics from key industry speakers. Side Delights kicked-off the cutting-edge virtual reality (VR) video and podcast-based program in October 2019 to invite viewers to step into their potato fields and experience why Side Delights potatoes are “Grown Where it Matters” and learn about the unique and exciting world of potato farming. As consumer interest grows in the $20 Billion locally grown products industry, Side Delights decided to share information on their growing practices, harvests, packaging, and sustainability through an immersive 360° VR video and a podcast series.

Side Delights brand potatoes are grown from farms in eight geographically diverse growing areas located near the largest population centers in the U.S.

“Sustainable and local farming is becoming increasingly important for the benefits to the environment and the community, but it also results in truly better tasting products,” noted Kathleen Triou, president and CEO of Fresh Solutions Network. “As the trade and consumers continue to engage with the story and history of our farms through our videos and other platforms, they will learn how our sustainability practices and the passion of our farmers result in better-tasting, higher-quality potatoes.”

For more information on Side Delights products, programs and recipes, visit www.sidedelights.com. If you would like to use this video to educate your consumers, or re-branding to a private label brand if we are packing for you, please reach out to Kathleen Triou.

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