May 17, 2016

Secotec refrigerated dryers line expands

Kaeser Compressors has expanded its Secotec line of refrigerated dryers with the addition of three new TE models. Available in three sizes — TE 102 (325 cfm), TE 122 (410 cfm) and TE 142 (470 cfm) — these new TE dryers feature the same Secopack LS thermal storage system as the Secotec TF models.

Secotec TE_dryer
The TE 142 is one of three new models in Secotec’s line of refrigerated dryers. Photo: Secotec

Kaeser’s Secopack LS thermal storage system contains a phase-changing material (PCM) with 98 percent higher thermal storage capacity than conventional storage media, the company said. Thermal energy is stored as the PCM cycles from a solid to a liquid state that maintains a more stable outlet dew point for better moisture control. This also makes the Secotec TE units much lighter than other thermal storage dryers and reduces package footprint, according to the company. In addition to reducing refrigerant compressor run time, the dryers’ internal design also makes it possible to reduce pressure loss across the dryer to 1.8 psi (compared to 2.9 and higher for conventional models), Kaeser said.

These dryers also include Sigma Control Smart, a micro-processor based controller which controls the thermal storage process. It has an alarm and service message memory, as well as remote on/off control capability. An optional Ethernet interface for connecting to a master control system is also available.

To learn more about the new Secotec TE dryers, visit the Kaeser Compressors website. To be connected to a local representative for additional information, call 877-586-2691.

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