February 24, 2021

Proseal machines help meet growing need for soft fruit packaging

Proseal’s advanced tray sealing machines are helping growers meet ever-increasing demand for soft fruit — which has been particularly strong during the current pandemic — by providing flexible sealing solutions that also deliver on sustainability.

With the market for fruit expected to reach $1.1 billion by 2025, manufacturers are looking for flexible solutions that can meet the demanding high-speed requirements driven by the seasons. Equally important is the need to minimize the use of packaging materials without impacting the effectiveness of the pack, in particular its ability to provide product protection to help reduce food waste. 

Proseal offers an extensive range of high-quality manual, semi-automatic and fully automatic tray sealers, designed to be flexible and incorporate several unique design features that maximize speeds and efficiencies. In addition, Proseal machines’ two-minute rapid-tool-change means endless varieties of tray formats, materials and sizes can be sealed on one machine, allowing users to quickly switch from one tray type to another.

Proseal also manufactures a diverse and customizable line of intelligent conveyor systems, designed to create ultimate line control and optimization and therefore perfect for the fast-moving soft fruit industry. 

The company has pioneered several important sustainability initiatives throughout its 23 years. Proseal was the driving force behind the replacement of traditional clam-shell punnets with top film sealed varieties, which has now become commonplace in soft fruit markets across Europe and now North America, helping to minimize plastic usage by around 45% in most cases. 

More recently, the company has been at the forefront of the introduction of new recyclable and compostable trays and film for fruit that can further reduce plastic usage by as much as 96%.

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