August 19, 2022

Produce packaging with sustainable closures, labeling debuts

MULTIVAC Marking & Inspection now offers two more sustainable closure sealing and labeling solutions for fresh produce trays.

The packaging solution provider has come out with the Top Wrap and Top Close, two more concepts for the closure sealing and labeling of fruit and vegetable trays.

Top Wrap involves applying a label to the top and both sides of the tray. Top Close seals the tray closed just with a label from above. Both concepts are an ideal choice for all fresh products, which do not have to be packed under modified atmosphere or airtight in a vacuum. This means that a label can be used to simply seal the tray closed and label it at the same time.

The new Top Wrap and Top Close solutions by Multivac. Photo: Multivac

With Top Wrap, the self-adhesive labels on the backing material offer a large area for customer information and marketing purposes, and open up a wide range of possibilities for product presentation in terms of material thickness and label shape. It is possible to have cut-outs in the label, as well as adhesive-free zones, so that contact with the product is prevented. Perforations serve as opening aids and make the handling of the packs easy for the consumer.

The label makes sure that product can not fall out of the tray or be removed by the customer. But in contrast  to full wrap labeling, the label is only applied to the top and two sides, and not around the complete pack. This saves material and ultimately resources.

It’s also possible to use film labels made of polypropylene. Polypropylene labels provide an optimum view of the product, thanks to a transparent window on the top of the tray. Since the backing material is not peeled off in this area, the content of the tray is protected against contact with the label adhesive.

With Top Close, plastic or cardboard trays with a wide flange or even round trays can be sealed closed simply and securely on the top and labeled at the same time. The label only adheres to the flanges of the tray. Thanks to an adhesive-free zone or retention of the backing material in the middle of the label, the product does not come into contact with the adhesive.

A labeler with Top Close has an output of up to 200 products per minute. The trays are automatically labeled on the run and are either fed in manually or transferred automatically from an upstream module.

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