June 26, 2019

Pet food production line demo coming to PROCESS EXPO

The Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) is adding a pet food production line to the PROCESS EXPO 2019 show floor.

It will be the fifth production line at this year’s PROCESS EXPO taking place Oct. 8-11, 2019 at McCormick Place in Chicago, with live demonstrations scheduled throughout the four day that highlight the production process for the attendee audience. This line will begin with a frozen block grinder before moving the product on to the mixer for further size reduction. From here, the product will move on to the stuffer and then the kibbler where attendees will see the final product take shape.

Participating exhibitors in this line include:

“This production line is the cumulation of over a year’s worth of work of the new FPSA PetFood Council,” said Jarrod McCarroll, chairman of the Food Processing Suppliers Association (FPSA) and president of Weber. “At this year’s show, we have a number of exhibitors that sell to the pet food industry and several educational sessions devoted to this segment. Additionally, we will host a certification course in FSMA Preventive Controls for Animal Food and have created this production line where pet food processors can come and see equipment in action with actual product and experts on hand to talk about the process and answers any questions that our audience might have. We are extremely excited about this opportunity as we feel this is a first for the pet food industry.”

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“Our pet food audience grew significantly for PROCESS EXPO in 2017 and really staked its claim in this show and the organization,” said David Seckman, president and CEO of FPSA. “We have ramped up our resources for this audience at this year’s show, whether they are looking for solutions in protein, baking, processing or packaging, there is no show that matches PROCESS EXPO in terms of equipment and technology and that has live production lines running throughout the event. These lines help the attendees get a better feel for how the equipment operates but more importantly, how it connects to the next link in the supply chain.”

PROCESS EXPO’s Production Lines are part of a show activity program to enhance the show experience. Other activities include the university educational program, the innovations showcase competition, an Oktoberfest reception, an augmented reality showcase and other programs still to be announced this summer.

For more info, visit myprocessexpo.com.