October 13, 2020

Northeast food show Food Edge going virtual

Branchfood is the premier convener of food industry innovators and entrepreneurs, as the organization hosts its third annual Food Edge summit in October.

Historically, Food Edge has been an in-person event, hosted in Boston. However, this year, the organizers have found an exciting way to keep the networking and continued education alive, but also safe by using a digital platform and schedule that is friendly to modern professionals.

With a close eye on trends and breakthrough technologies, Food Edge will explore strategies that promote progress and help food companies learn, connect and lead. The summit will be hosted online Oct. 21-23 where thought leaders, brands, investors, and entrepreneurs from across North America will share ideas and find their competitive EDGE. This year’s conference will focus on emerging startups, industry trends, and investment in food.

The virtual conference will offer three half day sessions that include a mix of networking and education (and perhaps a happy hour or two). The goal of the conference is to fit into the current lives of busy people today who need flexibility in their schedules but also crave the professional development and networking they had pre-pandemic times.

“In light of the current status and recommendations regarding COVID-19, Food Edge 2020 will shift to be a fully digital summit, poised to be one of the most dynamic, energetic and educational events this year,” said Lauren Abda, CEO of Branchfood. “The smart, cutting-edge topics on our agenda and the impressive line-up of speakers is already attracting food industry professionals across the spectrum– from start-ups to house-hold brands. It is truly a unique opportunity to host the summit digitally this year and opens the door to connect with even more individuals in the food innovation community who are shaping the future of food globally.” 

The line-up of speakers to date includes a mix of business leaders, inventors, retailers, and investors including:

For live updates on Food Edge speakers, visit website.


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