August 13, 2015

New NatureSeal technology prevents guacamole from browning

Guacamole has gone mainstream and oxidative browning has always been the main detractor to this popular dip. NatureSeal’s scientists have been working diligently to combat this problem and they have come up with the solution.

NatureSeal for Guacamole & Avocado is a dry powder that can be added directly into guacamole to keep it looking fresh and appetizing. It will also keep sliced and diced avocado from discoloration.

Now, once a container of guacamole is opened, it will last through the entire event. No more throwing away unappetizing, browned guacamole. For sliced and diced avocado, the powder is mixed with water for a simple dipping process.

NatureSeal for Guacamole & Avocado is now a now available to the processing and foodservice industries. For more information, visit NatureSeal’s website.


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