February 11, 2020

New multi-sensor carbon dioxide sensor exceeds all national safety codes

CO2Meter Inc., a leader in gas detection and safety monitoring, released a new multi-sensor system that exceeds all national, state and jurisdictional safety codes.

The CO2 Multi-Sensor System (CM-7000) will now provide restaurants, breweries, agriculture facilities and other industries with the ability to monitor up to 12 sensors from a central 8-inch touchscreen control panel.

While monitoring up to 12 sensors is a significant advance in safety monitoring, it is not the only new feature that can be found in the CM-7000. Customers will be able to control and monitor all sensors from an 8-inch, touchscreen, full-color display tablet. Additionally, each sensor is individually addressable, allowing end users to label each sensor’s precise location in the facility. The control tablet’s setting menu is also password protected ensuring only authorized personnel can alter the device’s settings.

Having designed the CM-7000 specifically around key customer feedback, the multi-sensor system series will not only ensure that employees, customers, and establishments are protected but also feature advanced and customizable alarm configurations should an incident ever occur.

With the cutting-edge, 0-5% NDIR CO2 sensor system, customers now can choose between 10 preset alarm levels ranging from 5,000ppm-40,000ppm or enter a “custom” alarm level. The four standard alarm levels can also trigger three separate relays combined with different functionalities from audio, visual, and even a Reset Unit (CM-7002) which has a key-driven shut-off capability. This device allows the user to mute the alarm until the fire marshal can evaluate the situation and reset the unit via a standard key switch. This added component was designed specifically for Denver codes.

For more information, visit co2meter.com.