New Global Cooling precooler fan focuses on fresh-cut

August 2, 2017

The Fresh-Cut Precooler is the newest product from Global Cooling, based in Philadelphia. The Fresh-Cut Precooler has 40 horsepower of fan power and delivers 50,000 cfm (cubic feet per minute), according to inventor and company president James D. Still. This assures that all fresh-cut produce packages can receive at least four or five cfm per pound, according to the company.

Fresh Cut Precooler in action at Sunny Ridge Australia.

“Especially now that consumers are so organic-focused,” Still said, “recooling of fresh-cut with forced-air is naturally an organic preservative, and modified atmosphere films work best when the produce is optimally cooled first.

“The extra airflow from the Fresh-Cut Precooler means retaining the freshest possible fresh-cut product for the longest possible time,” Still said.

At regional fresh processing centers, as the fresh-cut bags or clamshells are aggregated into cartons or RPCs and then palletized for shipment to distribution centers, Global’s new precooler are placed in a nearby cold storage room, and provide for a forced-air precooling tunnel.

“With the heavier-duty Fresh-Cut Precooler,” Still said, “final cooling or recooling is achieved almost twice as fast as with our Jet-Ready model, all other things being equal.”

Global Cooling manufactures the Jet-Ready, Jet-Heavy Duty, and Jet-Ripe portable precoolers, as well as the Rapid-Cool 2- and 3-tier high pallet racked precoolers.

For more information about Global’s Fresh‐Cut and Jet‐Ready Precoolers, visit; email [email protected]; or call 1‐844‐858‐4621, local 1‐610‐248‐9800.

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