June 18, 2021

Mann Packing adds three new vegetable product lines, including pasta

Mann Packing has added three new products to its packaged vegetable offerings.

The Del Monte Fresh Produce N.A. subsidiary announced June 17 the additions of Mann Veggie Sides, Steakhouse Style and Better Pasta. They are available now at select retailers.

The Mann Veggie Sides line comes in several flavor variations, including broccoli with lemon herb, cauliflower with parmesan pepper and green beans with onion and bacon.

For consumers looking for five-start restaurant quality, Mann created the Steakhouse Style line. They are washed, pre-cut and ready for any recipe and cooking method. Offerings include asparagus, Mann’s signature Broccolini baby broccoli and Caulilini baby cauliflower.

Also, Mann’s Better Pasta is a traditional pasta alternative made with 100% vegetables. Better Pasta features a special cut of vegetables that replaces traditional wheat pasta without sacrificing flavor.

“At Mann Packing, we strive to meet consumer needs with vegetable products that offer convenience, premium taste and quality at an affordable price,” said Pablo Rivero, Vice President Marketing North America, Fresh Del Monte, through a press release. “We hope these new Mann’s products will incorporate more delicious fresh vegetables into our consumers’ daily lives and we look forward to bringing more products like these to the table soon.”

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