October 30, 2018

LiteSpeed Cleanroom door designed for hygienic operations

Rite-Hite’s new LiteSpeed Cleanroom door offers a high-speed solution to operations that demand cleanroom environments. Meeting Good Manufacturing Practices and guidelines set forth by the Food & Drug Administration, this door delivers cleanroom integrity, reliability and safety, according to the company.

The LiteSpeed Cleanroom door is made from a PVC vinyl curtain that operates on a stainless steel frame. All stainless steel surfaces have a tapered design “that makes it more resistant to collecting dust than flat surfaces.”

It can maintain room-to-room pressure differentials of up to 0.2 InWC with its tight seal. The roll-up design translates into a smaller physical footprint and peak operating speeds of 65 inches/second with its 1 HP motor. A 7-inch LCD touchscreen graphic user interface allows troubleshooting at the door opening.

Without any hidden metal or rigid supports and Soft Break-Away technology, the fabric LiteSpeed Cleanroom delivers a safe high-speed experience. Available safety presence sensors and an LED Countdown are intended to help personnel working near the door avoid a collision. However, if the LiteSpeed Cleanroom is bumped or impacted, the TRUE Auto Re-feed will automatically reconfigure the door back on its tracks. This eliminates a potential breach in a clean room environment and the downtime and costs associated with repairing a traditional door, according to Rite-Hite.

Additional safety features include a standard full-width vision panel to allow workers to see what’s on the other side of the door and optional Virtual Vision, which uses presence-sensing technology to alert workers if someone is approaching from the other side of the door.

For more information visit www.ritehite.com.