April 21, 2021

Kronen updates bell pepper-processing system

Kronen and partner HiTec Food Systems have announced an updated version of the bell pepper-processing system PDS4L.

The new version of the PDS4L can de-core and segment up 3,600 bell peppers per hour and can be operated by just one person, who places the peppers on the pocket lane by hand to be transported to the core-and-cut section of the system. Peppers can be halved or quartered.

The product is moved step by step by servo-controlled motors (standstill, displacement, standstill, etc.), making it very easy and controllable to place the product to be cut.

Some highlights include:

  • PDS4L is equipped with a servo driven conveyor belt with penumatic cutting section. Sixty bell peppers can be processed per minute. Thanks to the mature construction the product is perfectly oriented and de-cored as well as segmented.
  • The system allows simple operation and cleaning and can be operated by one person. The cutting inserts are very easy to change and have a long service life.
  • The machine is robust and reliable meeting the European safety standards. It is entirely constructed of stainless steel AISI 304 and food grade material (HDPE) meeting the requirements of Hygienic Design and CE compliancy.

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