December 5, 2019

Kronen GS 10-2 cutter helps Vietnamese seafood producer expand to produce

Vietnamese food producer HAI THANH recently expanded from seafood processing to fruits and has its sights set on satisfying the increasing demand for mangoes.

HAI THANH purchased a Kronen GS 10-2 belt-cutting machine to move away from manually cutting mangoes to doing it automatically. It has increased mango processing from 25 kilograms an hour for every person doing it to up 500 kilograms per hour with the automated cutter. HAI THANH processing fresh and frozen mangoes.

The GS 10-2 is equipped with a grid cutting device specially developed for mango dicing, which has been developed in the course of a beneficial cooperation of many experienced Vietnamese factory managers of fresh-cut companies with KRONEN and its official representation SONG SONG Co. Ltd. in Vietnam. The grid has been adapted to the size of the mango dices requested by customer HAI THANH, so now they are able to cut 20-by-20-millimeter squares whose third dimension is determined by the thickness of the mango halves. Thus, the loss ratio is improved from 20% with standard grid cutting device to only 5-10% with the customized grid, which was of great importance for company HAI THANH. Small undesired pieces are separated with a sieve.

Another important criterion in the selection of the machine was easy cleaning, as the machine requires cleaning every few hours due to the stickiness which leads to mango fiber getting stuck. The GS 10-2 fulfills this requirement by enabling a cleaning process within only a few minutes without requiring any additional tools.

Besides mangos, the company also processes IQF (Individual Quick Frozen) pineapples, watermelons, papayas, dragon fruits, aloe vera, limes and taro products. The processed fruits are delivered to customers in Asia, e.g. Japan, Korea, Taiwan, the Philippines and China, as well as in Europe.

By expanding the business operation and investing continuously, HAI THANH aims to become one of the leading companies for the processing of fruit, vegetables and seafood in the region of the Mekong Delta.

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