KM Packaging launches new lidding film

July 26, 2017

KM Packaging Services has launched its new lidding film KPeel Flex Pet. The new film was created especially for demanding applications, offering enhanced seal integrity and puncture resistance, according to the company.

KPeel Flex Pet offers high impact resistance even under frozen conditions, and is intended for applications where food is pre-baked or cooked in a tray before film sealing takes place. The film is compatible with Cpet, Apet, PVC and coated foil trays. KPeel Flex Pet copes well with food contamination on the tray rim, as well as any tray distortion caused by the pre-bake/cook process, according to KM Packaging Services.

Available in 42, 52 and 62 microns, KPeel Flex Pet can be specified as standard or high barrier. Offering hot and cold peels, the new film provides a high clarity solution that is also suitable for microwave cooking and will retain robust seal integrity during cooling, storage, distribution and retail, the company stated.

For more information about the company and its range of packaging solutions, visit, or call 01832 274944.

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