August 22, 2016

Kiremko offers new conveyor for potato handling

The H Flow Conyevor is one of Kiremko’s newest products. This conveyor belt is developed for the transportation of snacks and frozen products. It has a shake and slide system, where the products are moving in a forward direction with a backward movement that goes so fast the product is not taken back, according to the company.

H Flow Conveyor. Photo: Kiremko
H Flow Conveyor. Photo: Kiremko

The H-Flow Conveyor has an extended range of movements. Depending on the product, it can be taken forward, backwards or remain in the same place while the machine is still moving, to prevent the products from freezing solid.

The support frame is integrated which makes the H-Flow Conyevor a safe machine, according to Kiremko. It doesn’t need a heavy construction and because of the sloping surfaces the machine is easy to clean, the company said.

For more information visit the Kiremko website.

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