December 13, 2017

Key Technology introduces VERYX B210 Digital Sorter 

With its new VERYX B210, Key Technology said it has introduced the highest capacity digital sorter in the food processing industry, with an inspection area over 2 meters (80 inches) wide.

Featuring a 2,100-millimeter wide inspection zone, VERYX B210 offers a production capacity in excess of 23 metric tons (50,000 pounds) of product per hour, depending on the application.

“In many food processing plants, there is a trend toward new, higher capacity production lines, as well as efforts to maximize throughput on existing line installations,” said Marco Azzaretti, advanced inspection systems product manager at Key. “In some layouts, the B210 is capable of replacing two smaller capacity sorters to make the line flow more efficient.”

The VERYX B210 complements Key’s other belt- and chute-fed VERYX sorters of various widths, enabling the VERYX family to meet the needs of production lines at any capacity requirement. The B210 and other belt-fed VERYX sorters are designed for wet and frozen potato strips and specialty potato products as well as fresh and frozen fruits and vegetables, leafy greens, potato chips and other snack foods.

All VERYX sorters can be upgraded in the field with additional or different sensors, as customer requirements evolve over time.

The next-generation cameras and laser sensors on VERYX offer twice the resolution of previous generation sorters to detect smaller foreign matter and more subtle product defects. With up to four channels of information from cameras and up to eight channels of information from the laser scanner, combined with advanced LED lighting that operates at optimal frequencies in relation to each sensor, every VERYX sorter is designed to match the customer’s sort requirements, from basic to the most complex.

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