September 23, 2015

Key Technology introduces the VERYX digital sorting platform

Key Technology introduced the VERYX digital sorting platform, a suite of belt-fed and chute-fed sorters that offer high-performance capabilities and share a common user interface.

“The platform will include widths ranging from 700 millimeters to 2100 millimeters for belt-fed and 700 millimeters to 1400 millimeters for chute-fed configurations and combines a highly innovative new mechanical architecture with intelligent decision making to maintain optimal performance through the entire production cycle. VERYX minimizes the need for operator interaction with the machine and establishes new standards of performance to offer exceptional customer value.” said Louis Vintro, senior vice president new products and business development.  “VERYX complements our existing family of digital sorting systems allowing us to choose the optimal sorting solution for our customers’ specific needs.”

The platform includes belt-fed sorters as well as chute sorters fed by Key’s patented Chycane chute system. Available in a range of product inspection widths, VERYX satisfies small to very large production capacity requirements.

For food processors requiring true, full-product surface inspection of each object, Key can configure VERYX sorters with sensor arrangements that eliminate blind spots to maximize FM and defect removal.

VERYX’s modular design enables food processors to easily upgrade their sorter in the field with the addition of more or different cameras, lasers or BioPrint hyperspectral sensor technology, as customer requirements evolve over time.

VERYX is ideal for sorting fresh, frozen and dried vegetables and fruits, processed potato products, nuts and other products, according to the company. The VERYX platform is designed to minimize sanitation requirements and simplify maintenance to reduce downtime and the customer’s total cost of ownership.

For more information on the VERYX, visit Key’s website.

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