July 13, 2021

JLS to display robotic cartoning solution during PACK EXPO Las Vegas

JLS Automation will display its Peregrine robotic cartoning solution during PACK EXPO Las Vegas in September.

The Peregrine can form, load and close top-load cartons, as it strips away the complexities of traditional cartoning systems and achieves carton closing inline, all in a small footprint.

Through a combination of proprietary technologies, the Peregrine enables full carton control from forming all the way through closing, without turns or conveyors, at high speeds. The JLS TRAK, a high-speed carton management system, combined with the Peregrine’s positive carton transport (PCT) system, keeps the Peregrine small and compact, and eliminates the need for additional conveyors. 

Once cartons are loaded, the JLS TRAK moves down the line where a vision-guided robot simultaneously closes the carton, picks it up and places it on a discharge conveyor where it is sent downstream. Unlike other cartoning systems, the Peregrine streamlines the process and eliminates the need for carton plows, tucker wheels and several additional conveyors. 

See the Peregrine’s robotic closing in action at the JLS booth LS-6128 at PACK EXPO Las Vegas, Sept. 27-29.

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