July 22, 2020

JBT introduces all-in-one liquid fusion tanks

JBT Corporation has announced the introduction of ReadyGo LiquiFusion Tanks, a single solution designed to combine blending, dispersion, emulsification, heating and cooling operations, which are normally spread across a range of different machinery.

With customers across many industries looking to make processing operations simpler and in the process save costs and reduce their carbon footprint, interest has grown in developing a system that can bring together a range of functions, according to Dan Wolff, Technical Sales Manager for Sales, Engineering and Estimating at JBT’s A&B Process Systems.

“When a process professional starts to consider purchasing new equipment, a whole array of questions and issues come to mind,” Wolff said. “What if I need to perform multiple operations? How will I protect my product from contamination? How can I fit this equipment into the space I have?”

To address these concerns, experts across many industries are moving toward single-tank processing where a one piece of equipment is used for blending, dispersion, emulsification, heating and cooling operations.

Customizable options

ReadyGo LiquiFusion Tanks are available in six standard volumes and can be customized to handle a broad range of products and processes, including four separate agitator options that can be combined to create ideal mixing for almost any application and can handle viscosities up to 100,000-plus cPs. The optional ASME dimple jacket provides efficient heating and cooling compatible with a variety of heat transfer media. The system has been used for products such as gums, flours, cocoa, yeast, powdered egg, caseinates, condiments, juices, purees, whey, slurries, cheese, lotion, gel, shampoo, toothpaste and more.

In addition to all its other benefits, the LiquiFusion system offers superior low-level mixing, reduced batch time, elimination of agglomerated powders, a more homogenous blend and increased batch uniformity. Further, if the customer is interested in automating their system, a full range of optional instrumentation can be included to reduce manual processing and further protect their product from damage due to human error.

“While the user should be excited that combining these processes results in less equipment to clean, they can also rest assured that the LiquiFusion system is designed to be fully CIP (clean-in-place) ready,” Wolff said.

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