October 8, 2019

Growing print packaging firm ePac to open Minneapolis facility

ePac Flexible Packaging, which specializes in digital printing for flexible packaging, will open a manufacturing facility in Minneapolis in January 2020. The company currently has eight other manufacturing sites in the U.S.

ePac logoePac will serve local and regional consumer packaged goods companies of all sizes, in particular, small and medium-sized businesses producing snacks, confections, natural and organic foods, pet food, nutritional supplements and more.

Built entirely on breakthrough digital printing technology from Hewlett Packard, the HP Indigo 20000, ePac provides industry-best 10-15 business day lead time, focuses on small and medium run-length orders, and enables brands to order to demand and avoid costly inventory and obsolescence.

A member of the Sustainable Packaging Coalition, ePac brings sustainable solutions to market in several ways:

  • ePac’s Minneapolis’ facility is LEED-certified. LEEDS includes a set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation, and maintenance of green buildings that helps building owners and operators be more environmentally responsible and use resources efficiently.
  • ePac’s all digital printing platform uses less energy, produces less waste, and has a smaller carbon footprint than conventional printing technology. Additionally, by ordering to demand, obsolete packaging can be all but eliminated, the ultimate way to keep plastic packaging out of the environment.
  • ePac offers recyclable, compostable and post-consumer recycled films. It is actively engaged in R&D projects designed to track packaging on its post-consumer journey.

ePac, established in 2016, is a full-service flexible packaging provider, with pre-press, digital printing that produces high-definition graphics quality, lamination and pouch making, all performed at ePac sites across the U.S.

To learn more, visit ePacFlexibles.com.