April 30, 2020

Good Foods transitions to illustration-focused packaging for guacamole line

Good Foods has rebranded its guacamole line to coincide with the Cinco de Mayo holiday.

The new packaging can be found on all Good Foods’ guacamoles, including Chunky, Spicy and Southwest.

Good Foods’ rebranded guacamole.

“As the guacamole category continues to grow, we knew our packaging needed an update for our brand to stand out,” said Maria Nakasone, brand manager at Good Foods. “We worked with a third-party agency to update the brand packaging to be more on trend and cohesive with other products, such as Good Foods’ plant-based dips.”

Through focus groups and surveys, Good Foods made the decision to switch from photography-focused packaging to a more illustration-focused design as the research revealed consumers found that to be more reflective of the fresh and natural product. The research also showed the purple color used by Good Foods resonated well with participants as the earth-toned color emulated fresh ingredients. Good Foods’ rebranded line of guacamole will all have a purple lid for customers to easily spot on store shelves.

“While the packaging and design are receiving an upgrade, the ingredients, recipe and amazing flavor will stay the same,” added Nakasone.

In addition to the guacamole line, Good Foods is currently working to refresh other products, such as the avocado salsa and dairy dips, to create more brand cohesion across the company.

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