July 5, 2017

FSMA software enhanced for preventive controls rule

iFood Decision Sciences has enhanced its software solutions toolbox, with a goal of making it easier and faster to be in full compliance with new preventive controls laws under the Food Safety Modernization Act.  Company staff demonstrated these additional capabilities during the Forbes Ag Tech Summit in late June.

“We have a full suite of hazard assessments and reports to address the needs of both large and small facilities.  Our solutions also offer auditable records that are time and date stamped and provide real-time supply chain monitoring and document management,” said Diane Wetherington, CEO of iFood Decision Sciences.

The Preventive Control requirements have also been added to iFood Decision Science’s Toolbox app that was launched at last year’s Ag Tech Summit and is available for iOS and Android. The app reflects the breadth of iFood’s offerings to enhance customers’ food safety, quality control and data management, according to the company.

Wetherington said information is presented through questionnaires and allows data to be entered in English or Spanish. Each evaluation is customized to fit the client’s specific needs, commodities, facilities or fields as determined by the customers themselves and then allows the user to upload and record photos of findings for higher accuracy on their data and assessments.

“The system provides an upgrade from paper-based recordkeeping. It provides real-time alerts and assessments, makes preparation for reports and audits easier and simplifies documentation of daily activities based on each company’s unique SOPs. But, most importantly, we have enhanced our software solutions to ensure you are performing actions necessary to comply with current Preventive Controls regulations for the produce industry,” she said. “We’ll continue to update the applications as other parts of FSMA come into effect.

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