February 3, 2020

FRUIT LOGISTICA announces finalists for innovation award

Ten of the most innovative products, services and technical solutions to be launched in the past year are ready to compete for one of the produce industry’s most coveted prize, the Fruit Logistica Innovation Award (FLIA).

Bringing with them a raft of improvements — including healthier and more colorful products, greater efficiency through technological wizardry, and more environmentally sustainable ways of working — the companies shortlisted for this year’s award reflect an ingenuity and commitment to progress that is widespread across the global fresh produce business.

Over 78,000 trade visitors from more than 135 countries will be asked to vote for their innovation of the year during the first two days of Fruit Logistica, the world’s leading fruit and vegetable industry trade fair, which takes place on 5-7 Feb. 5-7 in Berlin. The winner will then be announced during a special ceremony at the trade fair on Feb. 7.

The 10 nominees, which were chosen by a panel of experts from all across the fresh produce industry, will be showcased at Fruit Logistica 2020 in a special area between between Halls 20 and 21. They are:

Coconut automatic opening machine K30, Shanghai FruitPro Information Technology Co. Ltd, China, Hall 9, D-07

The K30 is a microcomputer controlled machine which opens coconuts safely and hygienically using patented blades so that the consumer can enjoy both the coconut water and the flesh. Algorithms automatically adjust the depth of the opening as well as the timing to suit each individual coconut. www.fruitke.com

Compostable, Flexible, Printed, Packaging, SILBO SP. Z.O.O., Poland, Hall 7.1, B-07

Certified compostable and environmentally friendly, solvent-free fruit and vegetable packaging which is made with water-based inks and adhesives. Using flexo technology, the water-based inks can be printed onto a wide variety of composite materials. www.silbo.pl

MosswoolNovarbo Oy, Finland, Hall 8.1, B-15

These moss wool panels are harvested according to a patented ecological process and represent a sustainable alternative for stone wool substrate in vegetable cultivation. As a result of the organic raw materials, they can be simply and cost-effectively composted together with other harvest residues or recycled after use. www.mosswool.fi

New Downy Mildew Resistant (High) Sweet Basil, CN Seeds Ltd, UK, Hall 1.2, A-13

Genetically resistant seeds which can be used all over the world to combat downy mildew in the most common sweet basil variety, Ocimum. An environmentally friendly and cost-effective solution for a plant which is otherwise susceptible to disease. www.cnseeds.co.uk

Proband V1000, project Service & Produktion GmbH, Germany, Hall 7.1b, A-06

The first banding machine with interchangeable frames which can process all band widths from 25 to 60 millimeters in different band thicknesses from 35 to 210 micrometers. It is optimized for handling paper bands with a plastic content of less than 5%. www.project-ae.com

Sinclair EcoLabel, Sinclair, UK, Hall 4.1, B-09

A high-performance, food-safe and fully compostable labelling solution for fresh produce that disintegrates within 12 weeks and biodegrades within 180 days. OK compost — Industrial and Seedling certified the label meets European Standard EN13432for compostable and biodegradable packaging. www.sinclair-intl.com

SoFruMiniPak EcoView, SoFruPak Witold Gaj, Poland, Hall B/CityCube/E-04

A simple, quick-close packaging for fruits and mushrooms, available with a separate or integrated lid. The renewable raw materials combined with good ventilation characteristics ensure optimized cooling and 100% biodegradability. www.sofrupak.com

Tenderstem Royale, SAKATA VEGETABLES EUROPE SAS, France, Halle 8.2, B-11

A natural cross between Chinese green cabbage and broccoli with an unmistakable purple stalk. Every part is edible from the stem to the tip. The tender, sweet stems are not only low in fat, sodium and sugar, but also rich in protein and fibre. www.tenderstem.co.uk

Tomato YOOM, Syngenta Seeds B.V., Netherlands, Halle 1.2, D-16

A new tomato product line with an unmistakable dark purple color rich in anthocyanins, and a unique sweet-sour umami flavor. This innovative variety is suitable for all seasons and growing conditions including artificial light. www.syngenta.com

Violì, Apofruit Italia Soc. Coop., Agricola, Italy, Halle 2.2, A-08

A tender soft artichoke hybrid, slightly purple in color and grown according to precise production specifications and control plans. This ensures consistent calibers and unique quality levels. Violì is available nine months of the year. www.apofruit.it/en

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