October 23, 2019

‘Endless possibilities’ for SOMIC’s ReadyPack case packaging system

SOMIC introduced its new, entry-level ReadyPack end-of-line case packing system at PACK EXPO event in Las Vegas and it struck a chord with show visitors.

“It was a fantastic three days. PACK EXPO could not have gone any better for us,” indicated Peter Fox, Senior Vice President of Sales for SOMIC America. “We had well in excess of 100 really solid leads and a quarter of them have led to the exchange of more information. We’ve taken some to the next level and I’m hopeful that we will be able to reach agreement on a few deals in the next 30 to 60 days.”

ReadyPack is a smaller version of SOMIC’s best-selling 424 T2 (D) machine and completely different than the larger SOMIC FLEXX III that was introduced a year ago. ReadyPack is also designed with a slower collating speed. SOMIC American Senior VP of Sales Peter Fox said that and other benefits were well received by the PACK Expo audience.

“The majority of our machines run much faster, typically three to four times quicker. But there is a market segment where high speed is not the main issue,” Fox said. “Most of the people I spoke with at the show were satisfied with its slower pace. They were more impressed with the advanced mechatronics of the machine, including the Rockwell Automation controls. They also gave it high marks for sheer simplicity and user-friendliness.”

ReadyPack precisely collates, groups and cartons products in trays, and open, wraparound, display, and folding cases. It does so with a capacity of 160 products per minute. In tray packer mode, it will case up to 18 packaging units per minute, but accounts for just 12 as a wraparound machine. 

At PACK EXPO, the compact machine ran pre-packaged pretzel flow packs in a standing upright position. Fox said that generated many questions from those who visited the booth.

“ReadyPack is what I consider a perfect machine for retail, food and beverage and consumer goods manufacturers. There are endless possibilities and that’s what triggered many of the conversations I had,” he said. 

For more on SOMIC American, visit the company’s website.