DeltaTrak announces new cold product traceability kit

September 7, 2017

DeltaTrak has released a new kit of products to give customers real-time access to temperature history reports, import/export documents and inspection certificates and to upload them into ColdTrak. The new ColdTrak Import/Export Traceability Kit, introduced at Asia Fruit Logistica 2017, includes the new FlashLink Real-Time In-Transit (RTL) Logger, the FlashLink PDF In-Transit Logger, and ThermoTrace TTI Labels.

“The FlashLink Real-Time In-Transit Logger is especially beneficial to shippers because they don’t have to wait for a receiver to open a container or vehicle doors, find the logger, download it and then email the trip history report.” Fred Wu, president and CEO of DeltaTrak.

He added that the RTL monitors temperature, humidity, security (light) and quality (shock). The information it collects is automatically uploaded to the cloud and shared between shippers and receivers. Once in the cloud it is also available for traceability, audits, HACCP documentation, insurance compliance and FSMA compliance.

Also the ThermoTrace TTI Labels included in the kit allow customers to track possible temperature abuse at the pallet level. Customers can download the application to a smartphone or tablet and scan the barcode to instantly access information about shipments.