April 2, 2019

Clarebout Potatoes founder becomes silent parter in farming equipment maker Dewulf

Jan Clarebout of Clarebout Potatoes, a Belgium potato-processing company, has become a major investor and silent partner in Dewulf.

Clarebout, along with Dewulf family shareholders and brothers-in-law Hendrik Decramer and Thomas Decan, announced a capital injection into Dewulf and, with it, buyout other Dewulf Group family members. Clarebout, Decramer and Decan now own all Dewulf shares.

“Jan Clarebout’s financial investment through his holding confirms we are on the right track with our vision,” said Decramer, current director at Dewulf and one of the founder’s grandsons. “Although Jan Clarebout is a silent partner and has no ambition to become involved in the daily management of Dewulf, we will certainly benefit from his knowledge of the potato sector.”

Clarebout Potatoes specializes in pre-fried and frozen potato products. The company has been in the potato industry for more than 40 years.

“Naturally I was familiar with Dewulf, and when I got the chance to take part in their successful undertaking, I did so out of personal interest,” Clarebout said. “My contribution should be seen as purely capital investment. Moreover, the investment in Dewulf Group has no connection whatsoever with Clarebout Potatoes.”

Decan and Decramer said, via a press release, that Dewulf plans to use the investment toward developing automated equipment and improving customer service.

“‘We see the challenges in the market and are itching to tackle them,” Decramer said. “This initiative was necessary to accelerate our existing plans.”

There are no plans to alter Dewulf’s management team.