February 8, 2021

Church Brothers Farms has ‘premium pack’ of popular lettuce breed

Church Brothers Farms is now offering foodservice operators a new premium pack of Little Gem lettuce under the SweetHearts brand.

Little Gem lettuce is increasingly popular with operators as they look for more options in salad greens. A cross between Romaine and butter lettuce, Little Gems deliver a crisp texture with a sweet and mild flavor. Their small size and beautiful colors provide an upscale appearance when plated. Perfect for loose leaf salads or grilling, Little Gems may also serve as vehicles for tapas or shareable bites. Because they are sweeter in flavor, Little Gems serve well as a base for bold flavors and ingredients.

Church Brothers Farms utilizes a special variety and hand trims each head to only the most tender and sweet leaves, providing end users with a minimal prep, high-yield product that is versatile for use on a wide range of menu applications. The compact size of Little Gems gives operators the option of serving the head halved, in wedges, or chopped for more traditional use as a meal component.

Church Brothers Farms is now shipping SweetHearts Little Gems in 60 count cartons to customers nationwide.

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