May 3, 2023

Atlas Copco’s new vacuum pump series offers industrial advantages

Industrial equipment manufacturer Atlas Copco has developed a new DVS vacuum pump series that guarantees emission-free, quiet operation.

The oil-free, dry rotary vane pumps feature highly resistant graphite blades which are durable with easy maintenance, according to a news release from the company.

Industrial equipment manufacturer Atlas Copco’s new DVS vacuum pump series feature oil-free, dry rotary vane pumps with highly resistant graphite blades. Image: Provided

The air-cooled pumps, which take up little space, are well-suited for harsh industrial applications, including packaging and pneumatic conveying processes, medical systems and analytical equipment, and pick-and-place machines.

As graphite blades rotates inside the DVS pumps, centrifugal forces press the vanes against the inside of the housing wall and hermetically seal the chamber.

“Thanks to the high-quality graphite alloy, the vacuum can be generated with minimal friction losses,” said Atlas Copco product manager Carol Pignatelli.

The DVS series is also equipped with an inlet filter, non-return valve, exhaust silencer, a noise-containing canopy and an energy-efficient IE3 electric motor.

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