April 16, 2019

Midwestern apple distributor adding asparagus to crop offering

A Michigan apple farm is adding asparagus to its crop offering.

Applewood Fresh Growers, located in Sparta, Michigan, is implementing a strategic plan to diversify, president Nick Mascari said. Applewood is a grower, packer, shipper and marketer of 21 apple varieties with roots going back to 1935.

The asparagus season in Michigan runs about May 10-June 25. New Era’s American Asparagus is Applewood’s grower-supplier.

At American Asparagus’ packing shed, the fresh asparagus is placed in a hydrocooler immediately after harvest. The hydrocooler can quickly cool off produce using chilled water. The product is then placed in a cooler prior to packing inside a completely refrigerated packing room.

“We keep this process as short as possible to increase our customer’s shelf life & quality of the product,” said Caleb Coulter, owner of New Era’s American Asparagus.

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