September 12, 2018

AgroFresh unveils SmartFresh InBox in US market

AgroFresh Solutions will now offer its SmartFresh InBox to its U.S. customers. SmartFresh works with the fruit or vegetable’s natural ripening process, halting the ripening process to extend the produce’s just-picked freshness.

“Our aim is to support our customers in providing high-quality fresh produce to more consumers around the world and to help them decrease food waste,” said AgroFresh CEO Jordi Ferre.

The SmartFresh InBox sachets are designed to offer protection from internal and external threats to freshness, increase shelf life and reduce fruit and vegetable shrinkage. SmartFresh InBox expands the availability of the company’s technology for growers without an airtight room or who require a smaller, more accessible option.

SmartFresh InBox is registered in all U.S. states except California on apple, pear, plum, kiwifruit, persimmon, broccoli and tomato crops. In California, SmartFresh InBox is registered on kiwifruit.