November/December 2019

Cutting down on postharvest food waste

Before reaching the processing stage, fruit has a long road to travel. Unfortunately, much of it is lost along the way.

Digital labeling can help with food recall risk

With so many issues to overcome, the need for food and beverage companies to adopt the most effective processes to ensure labels are accurate, available and compliant has never been greater.

Food Trends Watch 2020: Beets, mushrooms and fermentation

Every year, Produce Processing visits international trade shows around the world to get a handle on the next big food trends.

Great Lakes Potato Chips uses purple potato to create hit product

Nearly three years ago, Great Lakes Potato Chip Co. owner Chris Girrbach ran into potato breeder David Douches at an event where the latter was showcasing his work.

Ryan Ellis, Idahoan Foods

Idahoan exec says packaged dried potatoes made just like they would be at home

The practice of dehydrating potatoes for later consumption started during World War II as a way to give soldiers in the field a more stable means of food. Not long after the war, when Idaho was fast becoming the top potato-producing state in the U.S., a group of farmers got together and formed their own instant mashed potato company. Idahoan was born.

Fox Cherry Stand Up Pouch Bag

New concepts in food packaging

In recent years there has been a surge of criticism against plastic packaging and the damage it does to the planet.

PACK EXPO’s Jim Pittas talks sustainable packaging and other topics

Jim Pittas has been a part of PMMI for 20 years, including almost two as president and CEO. Pittas has a long history with one of PMMI’s biggest annual events — PACK EXPO.

Ready-to-cook meal kits filling food market void

Busy consumers aren’t just looking for healthy on-the-go meals and snacks these days. They want restaurant quality convenience products that require minimal prep time.

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